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We women are beautiful in our own magnificent and unique ways. But we often try to enhance this beauty artificially by using various products. However, since most cosmetics contain chemicals, we hesitate and wonder whether they will harm our body. That is where Revyur comes in. This brainchild of Nagpur’s Sharmila Vali offers a range of almost-natural products with minimum mineral content, which can be used for head-to-toe grooming.


Established in 2003, Revyur’s products were exported to France and then to Algeria and some other African countries, initially. “We were doing good business overseas, but we thought success would be sweeter back home and so we decided to launch Revyur in India,” says Sharmila. The brand entered the Indian market in May 2008.


Though Sharmila is the owner of Revyur, she gives equal credit to two other ladies whose contribution was paramount in making the brand a success: Palka Minocha, the product Manager, and Dr. Farhat Daud, the technical head handling a team of cosmetologists. “I call them my partners in cream,” she laughs. The journey of Revyur began with just the three of them and today it has 75 products in its kitty. “Back in 2008, we started with only 24 products in India. In three years, that number has gone upto 75.” Sharmila declares proudly.


Over a period of five years, Revyur has expanded considerably, especially in southern India. “We are doing good business in the south. Even in a small town like Attingail, near Thiruvananthapuram, there is extensive demand for our product,” Sharmila says. Apart from the south and Maharashtra, the brand is also doing well in Gujrat, Rajasthan, etc, and her ultimate goal is to expand her business all over India.


What makes Sharmila such an inspiration is the fact that she employs only women. “I find women to be more focused, honest and better workers. Besides, I would like to empower women. So all the employees at Revyur are women., right from our security personnel to production and dispatch,” she says. Her stand has helped many women from lower-class background find employment. Now there are 40 skilled and 200 unskilled labours in her employ.


To what would she attribute Revyur’s success? “No compromise in the quality of the product,” asserts Sharmila, adding “We don’t release unfinished goods and I think that is what is working for me. Also, our products are almost natural. The chemicals we use are only for shelf-life.

Sometimes we create products only in the quantities that are required. And my colleagues support me a lot.” But there is more to her success; Sharmila has personally visited every store that they haveopened, from central India to the south. “I have been working at the ground level with my team. All my clients have direct contact with me; whenever they need anything, they call me directly. I respect my customers and clients.” More power to her.

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